At Mil-Spec Safety & Security, we care about the people who live and work in our markets and are proud to be a part of each community’s growth by providing local security services to commercial office campuses, high-rise buildings, industrial facilities, convention centers, and more.

Our professional security officers are committed to protecting the people and property we serve. We’re highly trained in emergency responses and de-escalation techniques and are prepared to act quickly to respond to any situation that arises.

Professional Unarmed Security Services

Discover the Mil-Spec Safety & Security Difference

At Mil-Spec Safety & Security, we believe security services are more powerful – and more effective – with a local team. Our secret to success is our people. We take exceptional care of our team with comprehensive training and competitive benefits, and they take exceptional care of our clients. It’s that simple.

We care about the people and places we serve, and we go above and beyond to exceed client expectations. By paying attention to the small details, Mil-Spec Safety & Security officers ensure day-to-day client operations run smoothly under their watch. We’re alert, observant, and detail-oriented. We know who’s supposed to be where, and when. We care about keeping areas tidy because it helps us do our jobs better. We notice when something feels ‘off,’ and we’re ready to respond appropriately.

Mil-Spec Safety & Security clients renew contacts year after year because they value: