With over 30 years of experience in law enforcement and management, Mil-Spec Safety & Security is the best bank security guard service that you can partner with to ensure the security of your bank. Our team of security guards is efficient and reliable and works to keep your property, as well as your people safe and secure. Since Mil-Spec Safety & Security has been started, our prime focus has been to offer residential and commercial customers top-quality and affordable security services with a specific focus on professionalism and reliability.

Our specialist team at Mil-Spec Safety & Security has the knowledge and understanding of the specific security needs of financial institutions and banks. Our bank security team works closely with you to assess and understand your current security arrangements, identify the various areas for improvement and then develop an effective security plan that ensures that your bank and all the people in it are safe.

What We Can Do for You

Mil-Spec Safety & Security understands that being in the financial and banking industry places you at a higher risk for crime and a rigorous security plan is made to keep your financial institution, customers and employees protected. Mil-Spec Safety & Security works very closely with you in creating a customized solution that is ideal for your bank’s security requirements. Our years of experience and commitment to security are transformed into the highest levels of security for your bank.

We help to identify the various risks in your bank and develop a security plan to minimize or eliminate the risks. And, when planning the security detail for your bank, the following aspects must be addressed:

By answering the above, you can break down your current security plan and find ways to improve it. Mil-Spec Safety & Security’s team works very hard to ensure that you are getting a top-quality service that works for you.

Mil-Spec Safety & Security’s Bank Security Guards

When you partner with us, you can assure that you are working with the best trained and most experienced team available in the market. And, since we at Mil-Spec Safety & Security have been working with banks and other financial institutions for years, it enables us to stand ahead of our competition.

Each bank security guard we hire is carefully vetted and trained to specifically work in the banking industry security. Apart from the rigorous training that our bank security guards undergo, they also have several years of experience to back up the training. Our bank security guards are professionally dressed in uniforms so that they are a part of your institution.

We understand your business and your security requirements, your employees, and the customers which enables us to provide the best customer security solution for your bank.

Our Services

At Mil-Spec Safety & Security, apart from just providing security guards for your bank, we also offer a complete range of services that can handle all the aspects of your financial institution’s security requirements. And no matter how small or large your financial institution is, we can provide a security solution just for you. Mil-Spec Safety & Security’s services for bank security include: