Security operations and logistics are designed to facilitate the safe management and movement of people, goods, information, and other resources between a specific point of origin and its final destination.
Logistics warehouse with forklifts and workers managing inventory

Security Operations & Logistics

In some cases, these same strategies can be applied to fixed locations as well. In order to address these matters, our seasoned protection teams are given specific checklists, along with carefully vetted intelligence.

The process of developing a strategic security plan involves the coordination of resources, personnel, and information such as cultural & religious beliefs, government ideology, transportation systems, medical care facilities, and local law enforcement. This, combined with current validated intelligence, will allow our protection team to formulate contingent responses and strategies which significantly reduce risk.

Our commitment is keeping you safe

Mil-Spec Safety & Security provides trained, professional, uniformed security guards who protect client personnel, facilities, assets, offices, residences, camps, and equipment. Our guards are equipped to prevent, deter and react to any hostile or criminal actions. Our security solutions are based on a comprehensive analysis of the threats and risks and the integration of static, mobile, and technological security elements. 

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