Armed Security

For more secure situations, an armed security officer is necessary. Businesses and properties that are targets for violence or theft may want armed security services to protect themselves.
Armed security officer in a professional uniform with a firearm

This includes buildings that are subject to terrorist attacks, as well as facilities with a low-security presence that are particularly vulnerable. Armed officers are also useful in neighborhoods where theft and burglary are common problems. Examples of businesses that commonly hire armed security services include jewelry stores, rare antique shops, high-end art galleries, and financial institutions.

Armed security guards provide a more formidable presence, and they have the authority and experience to use force if necessary. Not only are armed security guards trained to use firearms, but they also have the right temperament and good judgment to know when and how to use them. Especially when the use of weapons is a possibility, it is important to work with trusted security service companies, like Mil-Spec Safety & Security, to ensure that the highest level of professionalism is conducted.

Is armed security the right application for environment?

Mil-Spec Safety & Security is licensed to provide  armed security services in the state of Pennsylvania.


Our commitment is keeping you safe

Mil-Spec Safety & Security provides trained, professional, uniformed security guards who protect client personnel, facilities, assets, offices, residences, camps, and equipment. Our guards are equipped to prevent, deter and react to any hostile or criminal actions. Our security solutions are based on a comprehensive analysis of the threats and risks and the integration of static, mobile, and technological security elements. 

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